50 things to be happy about

Here are a list of 50 random activities, songs, people, objects, and even food to hopefully make you feel a little happier!

Bad days are always going to happen, but someone once told me that even in your worst day there is always a good thing that happened. even the tiniest of acts can make your day 100 times better.

  • Rainy days, especially when you’re all bundled up inside watching the rain rip on your window.

Image de rain, hands, and city

  • A really good book, one that you’ll remember for a long time.

Image de book and coffee

  • Long car rides.

Image de car, sky, and travel

  • The sunset.

Image de 737, boeing, and airplane

  • The sunrise

Image de lisbon, photography, and sunrise

  • Ocean waves that tickle your feet.

Image de beach, sea, and summer

  • Really good music

Image de music, vintage, and indie

  • When you actually have time for a good breakfast.

Image de food, fruit, and healthy

  • Online shopping and adding everything onto your cart but not really buying any of them (is that just me, i find it therapeutic lol).

Image de princess, Queen, and justinbieber

  • Soft, a little oversized sweaters.

Image de fashion, sweater, and white

  • A good hair day.

Image de babe, beach, and brunette

  • Actually buying new clothes.

Image de fashion, clothes, and style

  • A warm cup of good tea/coffee.

Image de paris, coffee, and france

  • When your favourite TV show releases a new season/episode

Image de girl, friends, and food

  • Wearing an outfit that you feel 100% confident in.

Image de clothes, white, and closet

  • Getting a good grade on a test that you did work really hard for

Image de study, school, and motivation

  • Organized work space.

Image de study

  • A clean room.

Image de bedroom, home, and white

  • New makeup!!

Image de chanel, makeup, and beauty

  • When your favourite artist releases new content.

Image de halsey, aesthetic, and twenty one pilots

  • Fancy chocolate.

Image de chocolate, pink, and food

  • Hugs from loved ones.

Image de couple, love, and hug

  • Having a little time in your day to do something you really love like; drawing, singing, reading, sketch booking, skateboarding or whatever it is.

Image de girl, party, and glitter

  • Concerts with your friends (or alone thats okay too).

Image de pink, grunge, and the 1975

  • Small, cute cafés.

Image de girl, photography, and coffee

  • Donating to those in need

Image de quote, good, and heart

  • A good nights sleep.

Image de dog, animal, and puppy

  • Being alive right now. If right now is not going well for you remember that there are better days coming.

Image de hope, clouds, and sky

To be honest i dont know if they are 50 or not haha but heres my list tho ! XOXO 

much love 


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