New Vision

So,life is really tough everyone will accept it.It gives you scars,hurts you,offends you and most importantly tries you and your durability.You will lift your eyebrows and say:Yes we know,then?Well i’m here to motivate you,your spirit,your durability and give you an answer.
You know who’s gonna give you everything? Yourself!

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Be ambitious,get shit done! Do well,eat well,live well. Keep your priorities straight,your mind right and your head high. Do what you love,love what you do.
And if something goes wrong,try again,try harder,try like it’s your last chance and your life thread hangs on it.The answer,which also seems to be the result is: being the baddest,the realist and literally the coolest!


Now you will say: B*tch WTF?! I do all that,but i can’t make things work for me.Well boom,the answer is the title of my article. New vision!
Yes! Try all the ways you think can work,can try or others suggest you.

I have a simple reason why:when a baby learns walking and falls 50 times,doesn’t say I’m not born for this!She tries until she starts walking and makes parents proud,so go ahead,start walking and make yourself and parents proud!

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