Book review : the power of l am 

Two words that will change your life today 

This book changed my whole point of view about life. It’s easy to get into the negative thinking, I try to keep positive but we all fail at some point but after reading it I can feel the inner peace ✌

This book shows you how to use positive statements in your dailylife. It is broken into diffrent affirmations and stories attached to each one. Examples are:

I am focused    I am prosperous    I am victories    I am generous .. and many more

It’s such a powerful book!  Joel Osteen ,the writer, has an amazing way of delievering God’s message. I have become more mindful of how I see myself and what I tell myself and this book has reminded me just how powerful words can be.

The power of I am is a must read! And remember💡 « you become what you think about »


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