50 things to be happy about

Here are a list of 50 random activities, songs, people, objects, and even food to hopefully make you feel a little happier! Bad days are always going to happen, but someone once told me that even in your worst day there is always a good thing that happened. even the tiniest of acts can make… Lire la suite 50 things to be happy about

New Vision

So,life is really tough everyone will accept it.It gives you scars,hurts you,offends you and most importantly tries you and your durability.You will lift your eyebrows and say:Yes we know,then?Well i’m here to motivate you,your spirit,your durability and give you an answer. You know who’s gonna give you everything? Yourself! Be ambitious,get shit done! Do well,eat well,live… Lire la suite New Vision

Amnesty International 

I feel so excited and motivated to be a part of the Amnesty international and I can’t wait to start fighting for the Human rights.  « It’s an international organization founded in London in 1961. We promote human rights. This organization was the recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize in 1977 and is one of the most widely-known human rights groups in the world. We… Lire la suite Amnesty International 

Playlist of the moment🎶🎤🎧

Cklic on the name of the song so you can hear it on YouTube. Welcome 😎 ☆ Shoutout to my ex • little mix ☆ Idont wanna live forever •Zain ft  Taylor swift ☆ I’m a lady •Megan trainer ☆ Shape of you •Ed Sheeran ☆ It ain’t me •kaygo ft selena Gomez ☆ Everyday •ariana Grande ☆ Bad things •machine gun Kelly ft camila… Lire la suite Playlist of the moment🎶🎤🎧